My Books, My Teacher
The Diary of Wang Wenxing
Cloud, Smoke, Scattered Memories
The Memoir of Ho Mang Hang
Wang Jingwei’s Poetry
Unabridged Edition with Calligraphy and Annotations, Volumes I & II
The anthology represents Wang Jingwei’s truest intention. With the complete poetry collection, hundreds of pages of Wang’s calligraphy and annotations offer valuable historical context. A treat for lovers of Wang poetry and calligraphy.
What Have I Done in My Life?
Wang Jingwei's Decisions in Troubled Times
A compilation of 365 quotes by Wang Jingwei, categorized under subjects such as government and people, nations and nationalities, war and peace, revolution and sacrifice, philosophy and culture, love and virtue. 
Wang Jingwei Nanshe Poetry
— Newly Compiled and Revised Edition
Wang Jingwei Nanshe Shihua (Poetry of the Southern Society) is an indispensable resource for the study of revolutionary literature during China’s Republican period. With full transcriptions alongside scans of Wang Jingwei’s handwritten manuscript.
Wang Jingwei’s Political Discourse
— Newly Compiled and Revised Edition
1937: A War Begins
An eye-witness account of the 1937 Marco Polo Bridge Incident that sparked the Sino-Japanese War.

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